Wideboys is one of a dying breed of shitposting communities. We play games, we respect anime women, and we support our fellow Kings.

Founded in 2004 when a group of childhood friends began trolling on Runescape, they have since become infamous as an unregulated haven for bants, bits, and unbridled fun having.

Join The Boys


The main component of The COMMIEVERSE. The WIDEBOYS Discord is where we do our gaming, most the shitposting, and regular not shitposting.
Discord: https://discord.gg/UvPH2Pk


   1. Follow Discord ToS
   2. Keep the racisms and the slurs to a minimum. We wont have a hissy fit over it, but read the room
   3. No Politics. Its needlessly divisive and we have a separate space for that
   4. No backbiting, doxxing, or general antagonistic behavior. If you do it its an immediate ban for you and everyone involved with you. Full Stop.
   5. Keep general douchery to a minimum. If you need that explained then lol
   6. No Loli/Shota/etc.
   7. Keep NSFW to NSFW channels. No fat tiddies in #cafeteria 
   8. Keep hydrated and have fun.


The Political/Trolling squadron. Invites are kind of restricted so lmbo.


As far as rules go: Don’t post kiddie-fucker shit, abide by the law, speak up if you invite someone, remember not to let shitposting get under your skin, don’t be an annoying retard, and know that this is Discord so no matter how we filter people out, feds may still have access to what you say. React with :pushpin: if you want something pinned, and :repeat: to passive-aggressively indicate that something is a repost of something recent

Taylors Dollhouse

The Discord for Taylors Twitch/YouTube. Just for that.
Discord: https://discord.gg/PVxDgXp